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molly 4 years ago
What drugs are they giving her omg hahahaaha
Duckie Momo 4 years ago
When she said “I love you so much” I really stopped for a second and said “WHAT THE FUCK”
4 years ago
The guy actor was so terrible I had to comment on it. I know it's called Hardx but you can at least make it look realistic. His drilling is weak and he didn't even bother to guide the actress so she was lost as fuck. The only reason I know it's piss and not squirt is because there is no way that she is aroused by being drilled like that at such an erratic tempo. He's not smooth, he can't transition, and he needs to pick a new career.
Tooopseee 4 years ago
She is peeing not cumming dumass
4 years ago
That guy fucks so poorly lmao he don’t even know his own dick size
Guy 4 years ago
Keep. Your. Dick. Inside!
Cucky 4 years ago
Why my gf never cum like this
bruh 4 years ago
she had sum fake ass expressions
Cocktail 4 years ago
Who wants to have sex?
4 years ago
I’m a girl and squirting is peeing lol. Dumbass men