1xBet takes two stand method of successful ICE exhibition

1xBet takes two stand method of successful ICE exhibition

1xWager showcased its B2B product for the first time finally month’s Snow exhibition, before introducing its one-year old affiliate marketer program to marketplaces across Asia, Africa, European countries, and Latin America.

Having hosted two stands at ICE (6-8 February), one for B2C and one for B2B, the European operator said the outcome of the exhibition got “exceeded all expectations”.

The 1xBet press service said: “So how exactly does 1xWager stand out from the other exhibitors? 1xBet is one of the few companies that are successful on the B2C market, and it now has a high-quality product to offer affiliates of the business. We are able to say with confidence that customers are certain to get exactly what they want.

“The results of the exhibition exceeded all our expectations: there was a lot appealing in our product and useful contacts were made. This networking was beneficial not only for 1xBet, also for other exhibitors and site visitors.”

Meanwhile, 1xWager backed up its ICE existence by exhibiting at the London Affiliate Meeting (LAC). Specialists from the business met with current affiliate marketers to discuss fresh ideas and new proposals to improve the quality of products and services within its Affiliate Program.

The declaration continued: “This season, affiliates from across the world visited our stand. During the exhibition, we fulfilled with our set up partners and made new business contacts with site visitors and other exhibitors. We hope these exchanges will grow into long-term mutually beneficial interactions.

“Over a brief time, we have introduced ourselves and our Affiliate Program to marketplaces across the globe. A lot of successful work is being done to appeal to traffic from Asia, Africa, European countries, and Latin America. In addition, we are actively submitting applications and steadily getting licenses to operate in various countries.”

With just a few days to visit until the start of ICE London (6-8 February), the sponsors of London Baby have embraced the growing ‘buzz’ throughout the world’s biggest gaming exhibition.

Once again, SBC has became a member of makes with iGaming Business to sponsor #londonbaby2018, the largest marketing party on the first nights the exhibition (6 February), held at the beautiful Café de Paris.

While blockchain technology and the starting of the US gambling market are anticipated to garner significant attention at Glaciers and networking celebrations across the week, OPTIMA CEO Jacob Lopez highlighted machine learning as another key subject appealing.

This was after each of the sponsors of London Baby was asked to predict what the industry ‘buzzword’ or ‘buzzwords’ would be because of this year’s event.

Alex Inglot, Director of Communications for Sportradar, said: “This season, a lot of attendees and many debates will focus around what may or may not happen in the US this year in relation to sports betting.

“The Supreme Court’s decision could have seismic implications for the industry and it will impact sports leagues, regulators, condition regulators, existing US casinos and providers, international operators, suppliers and of course the US general public.

“It really is extremely difficult to predict what the final verdict will be, but many at ICE will already be situation planning and looking to get a read from others going to the ExCeL this February.”

Valentyn Kyrylenko, VP of Business Development for BetInvest, said: “Personalized engagement and implementation of data-driven customer value management is a trending topic at ICE 2018. At BetInvest, we realised that no matter how good the algorithms are, computers still require the instructions for whatever they do.

“The leaders in igaming, and especially sports betting, will not be the companies with the most innovative technology (however controversial it could sound to the reader) but those companies, which over time of operation, were able to collect large amounts of data.

“As my colleague and buddy Nik Rudenko (CMO of FavBet) loves to say, ‘Traffic is the King’. But my place, which reaches the intersection of looking for the best new opportunities and ensuring they pass the smell test trained me, is that the largest opportunities lie in the hands of those companies who become data centric in their customer approach.

“The companies which keep data and can make their machines analyse data and determine what to do, predicated on the content of the info and its range without specific instruction, will become as unreachable to the rivals as eBay to the new WordPress start-up.

“The companies holding big data can still generate correct customer behavior despite having the uncertain regions of data due to its cumulative nature. In my view, the future ‘Amazons’ of sports betting is a different breed of companies. Such companies remain sitting down in the duck blind unaware that one move can change the status quo.”

Thomas Nielsen, Head of Game Licensing at Magnet Video gaming, said: “Blockchain is a buzzword with backbone, and having exploded onto the picture so quickly, it has recently asserted its game-changing benefits to such an degree that longevity is undeniable.

“As with all buzzwords, interest within the public domain name will inevitably wain but within business and especially http://1xbet-giris.xyz/1xbet-bahis/ in our industry, blockchain is gathering momentum all the time.

“It is providing transparency, accountability and decentralisation in a manner that many are calling groundbreaking and, unlike many buzzwords that have come and gone, blockchain has the potential to really anchor itself.

“It can do a lot more than simply record monetary transactions – we’ve witnessed the inceptions of corporate and business alliances, start-ups and initiatives all off the trunk of blockchain, and it evidently has the capacity to transform just how many sectors operate.”

Adriaan Brink, Creator and CEO of BetterBetting, said: “Crypto. The world of digital currency is leading to disruption across many industries, including betting. It has been impossible to disregard to hype around Bitcoin and Ethereum and the rise of new cryptocurrencies.

“The thought of a developing a safe and robust decentralised peer-to peer system optimised by use of blockchain technology is revolutionary. BetterBetting offers that, providing an innovative, decentralised sports wagering system, facilitated through use of the BETR token.

“Removing friction, while providing transparency and fairness for a wager between two get-togethers who’ve no relationship with one another, will change just how betting works for everyone.”

Evgeniy Kiriushin, Head of Business Development for 1xBet, said: “1xWager always goes in step with the rapidly changing world. We consider the buzzwords for the former, and another calendar year, are ‘higher, faster, and stronger’.

“We are living in a active and high-tech world; information is ubiquitous, and you may place a wager, make a payment or transfer money just utilizing a mobile phone and wi-fi.

“For our partners, it is absolutely important that statistics are updated as often as you can – using our very own partnership, program companions can see updated of statistic each hour.”

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